Network administrator

Help Desk, Technical Support, IT-Specialist, 
Network Administrator 
Setting and installation modem, Cisco IP-camera, Outlying Device, Switches (HP, Cisco), Routers (Cisco), L3 equipment 
Scan network and removal problems 
Ggeneral knowledge 
Installation Windows Server 2008, installation OS CentOS 6.
Designs, installs and supporting LANs, WANs, 
Maintain system efficiency. 
Troubleshoot network problems reported by users. 
Analyze and isolate issues. 
Design networks. 
Tuning of local networks.
Routing: Static and Default Routing, ACL, Dynamic Routing, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP 
Swiching: VLAN, VTP, STP, 
EtherChannel, Port-security
2011 - Baku State University - Applied Mathematics
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3 ildən 5 ilə qədər
Aprel 2013 – up today 
Network Administrator, Technical Support 
Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies
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E-mail: [qeydiyyatdan sonra]
Əlaqədar şəxs: Rashad Alakper Ahmadov
Vəzifə: Network administrator
Telefon: (055) 210-30-72
Cins: Kişi
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Təhsil: Ali